I cant figure this out

ok ports are all clean doesnt have points but the timing is fine the piston is fine so is the carb i checked it again oil in jector's fine petcock is fine the only thing There are only two things left this thing that comes off the automatic choke ok there are three lines from it one and another from the carb come off and go into this plastic thing thats like an inch thick quarter with an outlet thats angle on it no it comes out straight the end of it is angled it looks like something should go onto but there is no place for it too. When i blow on the angled end gas shoots out the carb


Re: I cant figure this out

By the way like dalton and his ped if i cant get this thing not to bog i am going to drive it off a cliff

Re: I cant figure this out

I have no idea what you are talking about with the angled thing. But if you are getting gas and spark, and your ports are not restriction you it should go fine. The only thing I can guess is that maybe your gas has gone bad. Hope your up and running soon.

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