sparking problem

Jon Dalton /

ok this is happening again after the moped worked fine for a day, I was on my way to toronto, about 30 miles away from my house when all of a sudden the engine crapped out and started backfiring and jerking and losing speed. I thought it was as if the timing suddenly got retarded so I played around with the timing and got it to run again. Further down the road it screwed up again though, so I played around with the timing again. It broke again and kept doing that until eventually it would take 20 minutes to get it running and then only go half a mile before breaking again. So then I took out the spark plug and it was sparking fine, but after fiddling with the points it would not spark at all, and nothing i could do would make it spark again. So I started pedaling. After pedalling for a long time I stopped and tried to fix it again, this time something I did, I don't know what, made it spark again, but the spark was not great. It ran really bad for a while then quit again, presumably lost spark, so i pedalled the rest of the way, finally reaching my destination more than 6 hours after I left. I can't figure this out. The points are filed shiny clean and i just put a new condenser on. I'm suspicious the new condenser is doing nothing, as what it's doing now is similar to what it did when the condenser wasn't hooked up. It would seem like a loose wire but i don't think there is a loose wire anywhere.

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