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Hey everyone i was wondering if i could make a turbocharger for my indian i have 5 peds its the slowest of em all runs aobut 24 up a hill and 30 flat anyways it rides so smooth i ride it all the time but i want get some serious speed out of it because it looks almost like a tomos revival its a four stroker i needs some torque and soem acceleration its got more than a tfr but still . OH and for ron brown it has 5000 miles on it its always run like this clean ports good points and clean exhaust and air filter it runs smooth i just need some speed


Re: Can You?

hmmm a four stroke? well this is a little trick you can do. on my lawnmower it has a governer. its a little spring in betwween the trottle and a thing on the side of the engine. all you do is take the spring out and replace it with a paper clip. my lawnmower can now chop wood up to 3 inches thick and ive seen a stick come out of it and shoot 30 feetr and put a dent in the neighbors car. see if it has a governer.


Re: Can You?

Jon Dalton /

The Indian 4-stroke engine is really a Honda engine that looks a bit different on the outside. I saw a picture of one on E-bay and it's exactly the same design as my '69 Honda. Your performance sounds about the same as mine, it keeps up a steady 30 on flat roads. I talked to a guy who said he got his Honda to do 60 km/h or however many miles an hour that is. Basically, the stock carburetor is really small and there is a way you can drill it out to make it bigger, or replace it with a bigger one, and the stock exhaust, at least on the Honda models, is very small too. Still, I respect anyone who can make a 50cc 4 stroke with one gear do 30 mph.

Re: Governor myth

The purpose of the governor on a Briggs and Stratton and other garden equipment is to maintain the motor at the acceptable RPM range. Just because you can drive any vehicle at top speed anytime, is this what it was designed to do?

Messing with the governor brings an early end to these engines. Or you should the flywheel blow up.


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