Re: Custom puch maxis!

Nobody likes a bully. * /

metra65, roller crank, high comp head, 15 bing, tecno Boss pipe, EBRs, Sebac shocks, chopped seat, dropped low rise bars, shin destroying pedals, wind catching rim covers and a small bit of pin striping.

It currently doesn't have the whitewall on the front, but yeah, there it is.

Re: Custom puch maxis!

my bro's that i painted the blue and did the back fender cut for.

Re: Custom puch maxis!

Conrad Conrad /

I'll bite I guess...

polini with mild porting.

15mm bing


stock 2 shoe clutch


hits about 49mph gps, maybe faster if I find a way to mount to gps. Kinda scary trying to tuck and hold the gps :)

it has spokes now instead of the snowflakes.

<a href=""; title="Untitled by lithium.conrad, on Flickr"><img src=""; width="500" height="333" alt="" /></a>

Re: Custom puch maxis!

Conrad Conrad /


Re: Custom puch maxis!

like it but its gotta BLOW in the crosswinds.

Re: Custom puch maxis!

Griffin Applicable /

sorry to say it but honestly, that teal maxi with the little windshield thing is pretty much the most tasteless moped i think i've ever seen.

Re: Custom puch maxis!

Brian Mikami /

Re: Custom puch maxis!

Wanted to know what size tire you have on your puch? I have the same wheel and I am looking to get tires. The originals were dried out and not readable I know they are 17s

Re: Custom puch maxis!

Ronald Broers /

I'm always willing to share some pics from my project...

Re: Custom puch maxis!

Fish tits Krauthamer /

i would like to see some that are more customized

Re: Custom puch maxis!

I'd say mine is slightly customized.

Ryan's Puch.JPG

Re: Custom puch maxis!

now less customized

Re: Custom puch maxis!

Not trying to be a jerk, but some of you have spent a lot of time on many aspects of your bikes - BUT everyone leaves the ugly engine cover frame mounts that stick out in front of the rear wheel. It takes like 30 minutes of cutting and sanding to make those go away and the frame looks sooooo much cleaner. If your going to remove the covers, strip the bike, and get it powdered or painted - take the extra few minutes to cut those things! Sorry, just a peeve of mine.

Re: Custom puch maxis!

Here is mine:

And just in case it is raining... you gotta get a custom rain/water spray blocker:

Re: Custom puch maxis!

Chris Driscoll /

Here's mine.

Re: Custom puch maxis!

Heres mine,

1978 maxi S

gila'd kickstart e50

super stuffy crank

3 shoe clutch w/blue springs and atomic clutch brace

HPI internal rotor ignition(not in pic)

boss pipe

mikuni vm24 carb

top 8 pedal reed block

home built disk brakes

k10 forks

robot swingarm

haven't topped it out yet but it takes off fast.


Re: Custom puch maxis!

My maxi hits 64 mph

verified from gps and trail tech speedo

It's a rocket from 30 mph on. . .

polini with port work

polini 4p with dual layer reeds

phbg 19

treats cdi

3 shoe (with work done)



here is how I first built it:

and here it is now with some different wheels, no storage seat, etc...

Re: Custom puch maxis!

Re: Custom puch maxis!

I love that thing. First thing I noticed was the exhaust for a crossbar. Looks awesome actually haha

Re: Custom puch maxis!

† CH∆D † /

Sickest maxi ever? Holy moly. Very nice

Re: Custom puch maxis!

Actually, mine is a Newport. I put on different forks but I don't have new pics. Some custom body work, custom lighting, custom cable holder, custom choke lever, etc. It's a year old now, so it's sort of old news.

puch 3d a.jpg

Re: Custom puch maxis!

heres my 1975 bombadier. tomos front end made it have a gnar stance, props to bob porcaro whos the man behind sha 14.12 for giving me an interview on it

my puch maxiiiii.jpg

Re: Custom puch maxis!

yo John that blue maxi is niiice. the seat doesnt look comfortable though... haha

Re: Custom puch maxis!

Hey Jared, everyone that's see that seat says the same thing but trust me, it is pretty comfortable. And having no cover or padding allows for a sweat-free crotch on really hot days.

Re: Custom puch maxis!

nothing fancy


Re: Custom puch maxis!

better view.


Re: Custom puch maxis!

^ Nice! And... no tabs!! Yes, you win.

Re: Custom puch maxis!

Old News

Re: Custom puch maxis!

Lots of Dopness in here.....<MOAR!!>

Re: Custom puch maxis!

Adam Metterville /

basic setup

polini, mild port

15 bing


rito crank


bla bla bla

I love this bike


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