my ped is falling apart

A little while ago I did a full engine rebuild on my 1992 tomos targa. This weekend i was riding the ped and it was acting slugish all week. I was getting pretty mad. I was riding with a friend and we started to go up a hill and then all of a sudden POW!!!!!!! the engine dies. I thought my coil was dead. So the next day I went out with an ohmmeter and checked the coil. HMMMMM it was good. So I took the cover off the magneto and the first thing I found was a screw on one of the magnets on the I pulled the maggie and found that the screw had worked its way loose from the timing plate... no biggie. I took the timing plate off and looked at the coils and one of them had a big cut in the wire that is spun around the magnet. That is my problem. I have a spare. So what I think happened is the screw worked its way loose and stuck to the maggie. Then as the maggie came around it struck the coil and eventually broke. Hopefully this is the reason my moped was feeling doggie. Well happie trails


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