Carrier II?

Does anyone know whether the Carrier II moped (engine is by sachs) is a worthwhile moped? Can you get parts easily or are they some obnoxious rare model with expensive parts? I found one for $100 that onlyhas 65 original miles, and it's gorgeous, but if it's going to be a pain to repair, it probably isn't worth the effort. I mean, it isn't as though I NEED another moped...per se...

Any advice would be appreciated!

Re: Carrier II?

Carrie ... don't me a moped hoarder! ;-)

But seriously, if you can get it for $100 it's a good deal. As long as the engine is a common engine, it shouldn't be a problem. But see what other people tell you. Frame parts might be a problem ... but there are many things on body parts that are universal or can be rigged in some way. It's the engine that you have to worry about for the most part. If it's a common Sachs engine, then not a problem.

Re: Carrier II?

What's wrong with hoarding mopeds? Everyone else does it. I think Dan said he had eight. I figure that with the rate that things break down on mopeds, having an almost-brand-new one couldn't hurt.

But it's looking as though the thing might run too high pricewise for now. I'm so kicking myself for not doing the

"buy it now" option on Ebay!!!!!! Grrrr!

But thanks for the advice. Next time I'll be more aggressive.

Re: Carrier II?

i'm not really much into the having tons of mopeds lying around. but i'm a socialist-minimalist. i feel rather odd as it is having two mopeds, even though none runs right now. i don't think i could ever get at third.

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