What's Your Mineralli Set-up ?

What are ya runnin (top to bottom) ? Also, when does your Pipe hit//what's it good for as far as powerband ?

As far as the beautiful Zen Pipe, what powerband is it good for ?

Thanks 4 the Knoweledge.

Re: What's Your Mineralli Set-up ?

Polini 75cc, 19 del phbg, puch boss pipe, 9x39 gears. Tops out at about 50.

Re: What's Your Mineralli Set-up ?


punched out 52cc (ported)


pan exhaust

tops out at about 44

Re: What's Your Mineralli Set-up ?

75cc polini, 16.16 sha, 15 intake, roller bearing crank, was running a Mamba pipe, 11-36 gearing and does about 48. It climbs hills like you wouldn't believe and accelleration is great. All with my 240lb. body. I have now swithced over to a Benasser pipe and will be running a 19mm dell copy. I seemed to lose some low end with the benasser pipe but it hits higher in the power band. I still don't have it tunned with the pipe as I am swapping to a bigger carb. I should be up in the low to mid 50's with the new setup.

Re: What's Your Mineralli Set-up ?

King Drunky JCams /

The setup I had on my Lazer Sport 50:

75cc Polini (engine dremeled to match the ports on the Polini)

Custom Intake

20mm VM Mikuni Carb

K&N RC-1070 Air Filter

Hacked/Modded Puch Techno Estoril

13x36 gearing

CDI from 1977mopeds

= Turd off the line. Topped out - gps'd 55.5mph

I switched back to a 11 tooth front sprocket just the night before I let the bike go to a friend. Never did ride it though with the 11 tooth front. I'm sure it would have been much better off the line, and topped out around 50+mph.

I love the minarelli v1 motor. Tough as nails.

Re: What's Your Mineralli Set-up ?

Thanks for all of the input.

I have 1 Polini kit, Garelli Team Head, 19 Del & Mamba set up sittin here (but) I have 2 more Mineralli's I'm gonna kit(so I needed some input.)

Re: What's Your Mineralli Set-up ?


got a V1 and needed the advice too

Re: What's Your Mineralli Set-up ?

Lazer Sport 50...

75cc polini case matched

19mm carb

new aftermarket crank (from mopedEd)

CDI from 1977

High comp head (courtesy of Angelo)

EV turbo pipe (hits mid to high, but V1's have enough torque so it's decent off the line)

11x40 gearing (impossible to find the 12, don't want to split the engine to add metal so you can grind the case to fit the 13, did find some sprockets that I am going to put on the lathe and put on the rear wheel, possible 11x36 or 34)

before I blew it up/while I was breaking it in I was clocked 49 at the high end of 2/3 throttle.. I believe it will do mid to high 50's with current gearing.. with a 36 or 34 in the rear.. who knows..

good luck and don't be stupid like me!

Re: What's Your Mineralli Set-up ?

I have a 13 tooth and I certainly didn't take the time to split the case for that. I Just removed the flywheel and stator. I grabbed a dremel and went to town on the outside of the case by the front sprocket.

If you're really good I think you wouldn't even poke through. I almost had it, then poked right through.... yea. just have a thin, pliable metal and jb weld on hand. It's not really in a critical spot and debris coming off the chain won't create that much force or pressure.

'78 Gadabout

polini, mild case match. very mild.

19mm race del. 95 main, 42 idle (though slightly rich), W7 needle at 3rd richest

Zen pipe (sweet all around, but mostly mid pipe)


I haven't held it wide open long enough to get a top speed, but hit 44 so far, via gps. I'm guessing 48 mph. we'll see. I have a 36 tooth rear sitting around but that would kill my low end..... seems counterintuitive in the city.

I also have a Bianchi Snark that is stock. That's been so fun lately. Stock bikes help you to remember how awesome mopeds are. I think I hit 34 or 35, but can't verify that.

16 sha, puch 15mm intake. 68 jet, but 66 would be ideal I think.

opened up the intake on jug to a shy 15mm.

raised exhaust, but only slightly.

Cut about 4 inches off the stinger....

Re: What's Your Mineralli Set-up ?

polini heavily ported, case matched,high comp head, heavily modified clutch, 21phbg, mmm n8p, 9x36, yellow bean CEV CDI. top speed speedo confirmed 67mph. monster off the line. port timing is a little goofy so it's a bugger to tune right now, but a crazy fun moped to ride.

Re: What's Your Mineralli Set-up ?

I just have to call BS on 67, At its peak my bike was at 54.1 with a simo or N8P, 19mm, CDI, portmatching, Roller bearing, and 10-36 gearing. Ive tried all the gearing options 9,10,11,12 with the 36 and 54 was the best I could get out of her. With the 9 on it it would only go 43 but get there fast! So what im saying is the RPMS I turn with that gearing are the highest ive ever heard by bike turn, so for your bike to go 67 at the same gearing just isnt feasible....

Re: What's Your Mineralli Set-up ?

My Motron as a Polini kit, 21mm PHBG, and a Bennasar pipe.

with 10X28 gearing. It goes about 55-60. and is loud as all hell.

Re: What's Your Mineralli Set-up ?

About??? Borrow a GPS and post real numbers.

Re: What's Your Mineralli Set-up ?

I have stock cylinder heavily ported with motomatic intake 17 phbg and bennasar pipe loud as all hell low end is all right but mid range is on does about 40

Re: What's Your Mineralli Set-up ?

Anyone with a Top Tank, Ya have a pic of how the pipe fits with the pedals ?

Re: What's Your Mineralli Set-up ?

sorry dude, chase vehicles don't lie. it's a bummer you've never had the full experience with the powerband on the n8p buy my polini eats it up. maybe you need to tune the ex port and open up that intake some more and carb up. but seriously it takes scary high rpms to get there but it's more than possible at 9x36.

ps. leaner is meaner, and i soft seized on that top speed run from a little too lean main jet riding with my brother on his cycle.

Re: What's Your Mineralli Set-up ?

You probably should run all your bikes lean on that note. My trucks spedo is of 10mph at 60..... Also, um I have an n8p and it performed the same as my simo so I used it on another bike....

Ive had fun with my v1's but I think im going to store that engine for a while. Going to go the Gila-arelli route...


Re: What's Your Mineralli Set-up ?

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