Heaviest load on your ped?

I've had 280 lbs plus on my Kinetic TFR. I ride my two daughters regularly and it runs great. I took my son grocery shopping the other day.. and with bags of flour and sugar.. we were close to 300. That's hauling a load with 3 cubic inches displacement! It rode us back, no problems (but I also didn't have to stop and go on any steep hills!)

Re: Heaviest load on your ped?

Wow!! I let my neighbor take her son for a spin on my Kinetic Magnum; I don't know what the combined weight was; probably about 200.

How much air do you put in the tires on your TFR--I have 22psi in the front and 36-37 in the rear.

Re: Heaviest load on your ped?

I think I have the same (pressure) as the handbook told me..22X36 lbs (front and rear). Shouldn't be a problem for good tires (?). Heck, I have ridden my son on old bicycle tires many times (280 lbs combination load) no troubles. Guess I have always had good luck with tires.

Re: Heaviest load on your ped?

Ataristyle /

Hi Peggy. How did the title go with your moped? The heaviest load I had on my moped would be when I had 24 bottles of beer, 24 cans of Apple juice, Batteries, 2 print cartridges and a book. It all fit nice in a box but when I tried to tie it down the back end would go down. Eventually I got the box tied down right. When i would start to drive the moped it would shake until I hit about 30mph. I've ridden w/ 24 bottles of juice on it before but it wasn't as bad as the first time. Yesterday I delivered a DSS system to a friend and the ride was nice w/ out shaking at all.

Re: Heaviest load on your ped?

Reeperette /

Heaviest load was a last minute shopping run for a thanksgiving dinner thanks to a financial fisco and a car with a burnt out starter.

This was a Tomos Trike tho, not a two wheeler, load was about 300lbs of groceries and stuff, held in the basket with a pair of cargo nets...plus my 121lbs worth of attitude...and she hooked up good, very little performance loss, which was a bit surprising.


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