Kinetic "TFR".. stands for??

Well, I'm asking this question seriously (couldn't find any explanation in my handbook).. but you more creative types, I bet can come up with an answer. Thanks. /vern

Re: Kinetic "TFR".. stands for??

I think it stands for "Totally Fun Ride". I have a Kinetic Magnum, which is the same as the TFR, except it's made for 2 people and comes with the turn signals.

I luv my Kinetic!!

Re: Kinetic

Brandon E /

I don't know, maybe:

Tiny Fuel Requirement

Too Fast... Rarely

Transportation For Rokkers

Texaco Faces Retirement

Take For Repairs

Re: Kinetic "TFR".. stands for??

What you may not know, Peggy, is that the Magnum has a "Variator" which is an automatic variable speed transmission. This is what make it carry a load and go up hills without a problem. The TFR is a single speed model

The variator is the same set-up a Vespa Grande, Bravo or Ciao Deluxe use.


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