Re: What E50 Engine is this?

didnt work lets try this

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Re: What E50 Engine is this?

A-ko on his friends account /

jesus! what are you running? 1:1???

Re: What E50 Engine is this?

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

That's exactly like the U.K. version. There are no brake switches, no brake light, and no kill switch. The decomp is cabled with the clutch. You use the decomp/clutch lever to kill the engine. The manual says to adjust the cable adjuster on the frame member so that the decompressor will come into operation in advance of the starter clutch. Does yours only have a light switch and horn button? According to the manual, the light switch is also a dimmer, on models with that headlight. Is your headlight bulb a dual filament?

Re: What E50 Engine is this?

♣Slew Foot♣ /

That is cool

nice find

i found another just like it but in yellow no side covers

guy whos grampa had it said he didn/t know what year it was

he has 2 cases of Puch brand 2 stroke oil manuals toolkit

has the chrome fenders with the Puch emblem decals

sweet @ 200 bucks no title tho

i am gettin it if i can get this tomos bullet out of my living space

bet ya it kills hills

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