Saturday night special

Tony's Friend /

I didnt think of a title so i used one from a song anyways This urban express is bogging so i tore off the air filter hopeing that it was just not gettiong enuf' air flow i was wrong then i tore off the muffler maybe it was plugged no it still bogs i put everything back and tore off the carb and you could eat off that thing the jets clean and the sleeve under it is too ok i put that back. But before all of this i see the throttle splits and goes to this thing mounted next to the carb and it gets fuel too i detached think maybe i didnt need a fuel pump or what ever it is still bogs I am going crazy someone help me out.


Re: Saturday night special

Ron Brown /


If this is a two cycle, I think you just disconnected the oil injection pump.

If your engine has not seized yet, re-connect that cable.

As for the bogging, check to see if it is lean or rich by applying a little choke when it bogs. If it gets worse, you are too rich and maybe your main jet is too big or you float is sunk. If it improves, you may still have a blockage in the carb, or a manifold leak, or poor fuel flow into the carb.


Re: Saturday night special

david f martin /

After you've done all that stuff, if you still have that bogging problem, you probably need to pull the head and cylinder and clean the ports (especially exhaust). That's what finally cured mine.


Re: Saturday night special

if that thing you disconnected is the oil pump, reconnect it and make sure you have two-stroke oil in that. if not, you're running w/o oil and will very soon seize your engine.

also, check the carburetor very throughly. even a speck of dust will clog. and follow both ron's and david's advice. check over the whole front end carefully. but make sure you're using two-stroke oil or you will seize the engine!

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