Moped chat

Does anyone know of sites I can access to chat with ped owners directly? I'm currently having trouble with my news server so I can't do "****.org", etc. Yahoo used to have a lot more different chat room subjects than they do now, and that's mainly where I chat when I bother to put up with a bunch of shitlicks. I was in the car chat room the other day and told this guy I rode a ped and I got all kinda flack about it. The irony is that I have a '74 vette in the driveway that'll outrun any of their daddy's cars. I just choose to get 120 mpg over 8 mpg most of the time.

Anyways, just looking for a way to talk to the guys on here...


Re: Moped chat

forum is the best way, i think. and i'm glad you chose the ped over the 'vette!

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