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I took apart the carburator on my honda express 1980. I forgot how the screw goes in. It's the screw that is by the float. On the Expressly Mopeds webpage you can see a diagram of the carburator. I need to know if it goes on top or under the bar. I also need to know if it goes completely tight or what not. Thanks for any and all help. One more reason to say no to drugs......Memory Loss.

This is what happens to the engine. I can spray a little carb cleaner or even just poor a little gas into where the throttle cable goes in. It will run til it runs out of that gas. I'm not sure what the problem is.

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if your moped runs w/ the gas you put into the carb and then dies, you need to check for fuel flow. it seems that fuel isn't getting into the carb from your tank. check your petcock and fuel line.

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Close your petcock (fuel valve). Disconnect the fuel tube from where it enters the carburetor. Open the petcock and verify that fuel is flowing.

If fuel is flowing, and your engine runs when you squirt fuel into the carburetor then it sounds like your float/needle valve mechanism are acting up. I looked at the diagram on the Expressly Mopeds site ( and I'm a little confused about the screw myself! It looks like it might be used to adjust the float level in the carb bowl or something.

I've worked on Hondas (but not with this mysterious screw) and the carbs are always similar.

1. Make sure that the float doesn't have gas inside it.

2. Make sure that the needle (the metal part with the rubber tip) is completely clean. Use carburetor cleaner.

3. When you reassemble the carburetor make sure that you slide the grooved part of the needle into the notch on the float.

Hope this helps!

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don't forget to check to make sure main jet is clean

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Well, This morning I went out and tried to get it to run. Wouldn't start up right away, so I spayed a dab of carb cleaner in and she fired right up. I drove a couple of miles and it started to not run right. The problem was that I'd give it throttle and it wouldn't go up or it would even die a little. It seems like it's getting too much gas. Then again it could be too little. I checked the fuel flow, flowing fine. Anyways I'm just happy it started today.

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if it ran w/ carb cleaner sprayed into the carb ... and then didn't do much else after that, it sounds like fuel isn't getting into the carburetor. you may have good fuel flow, but somehow it's not getting into the carburetor. but that's just my two cents' worth.

what size fuel jet are you using? next time you post, put all that kind of information. engine type. jet size. carb size/model. fuel mix you're using. everything.

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