My damn moped

jess_monster /

My moped won't start again. I'm pissed off. I think that it floods and it won't start. What is the best way to get rid of a flooded carburator? Please don't tell me time....I want to ride the damn thing. Anyways It's a damn honda express. And if i were to try and take apart the carburator and take it off. How long would it take? Thanks, Trying to swarm and destroy...

Re: My damn moped

Chris Robertson /

I've never heard of a moped carb flooding. Assuming too much fuel is in the cylinder (i.e. the bike reeks of gas when you pedal) from the choke being on too long, just turn the choke off and pedal for a bit with the throttle closed (or the spark plug out). There is usually a drain screw somewhere in the lower portion of the carburetor if you'd like to drain the gas out of it.

However, I think that your moped is probably not starting for another reason. The number one reason a moped suddenly ceases being easy to start is an old spark plug. Hit the hardware store and buy a half dozen (yes 6) spark plugs for your moped. Whenever ANYTHING engine related starts acting up, the first thing you should try is a virgin spark plug. If you ride a lot, expect to go through two or three plugs a year. Throw away old plugs. They're cheap, don't keep any plug you have doubts about hanging around.

Re: My damn moped

use bosch platinum plugs. most seem to last well over a full season. also, check the carburetor. i'm not sure about honda, but a dellorto carburetor can be taken off, taken apart, and cleaned in less than 15 mins. also, use fred's guide and start troubleshooting. is this a recent problem? did the moped run well at first? consider all those things.

Re: My damn moped

Is that one of those peds where you have to take the engine off to get at the carb?


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