Tomos Tires and Brakes

My 2000 Tomos Targa has over 3000 trouble free miles on it, and I was wondering what I should look for or when I would need to re do the brakes. Does anyone know if there is some kind of warning or signal that I should look for?

Also, the stock rear tire is looking a bit sorry now, and I would appreciate anyones recommendation as to replacement for this or both tires. Is there anywhere that I could look for a tire. It seems that info on peds is very limited. The only real place for feedback seems to be moped army!

Looking forward to hearing from all of you.


Re: Tomos Tires and Brakes

SteelToad /

How the hell did you get 3K miles on a 2K ped. That must have been a lot of

fun :) Everyone here seems to like the cheng shin tires. I'm going to get a

set next weekend.

Re: Tomos Tires and Brakes

Ataristyle /

I would go with the cheng shin if you want better tires than the stock. I just replaced a tire(rear) on my tomos. My rim got bent when I hit a pothole so i got some used wheels. I just changed the rear wheel since that wobbled. I had to change the tire because it was already worn to the wear mark. If you want to see how bad the brakes look then just take off the rear/front wheel. Its easy to get to the brakes then. If you do a lot of stoping then check it out...else i doubt you'll need it.

Swarm and Destroy!

Re: Tomos Tires and Brakes

SteelToad /

How long would it take the stock brakes to wear out. Now that I'm out on the

highway at 40-45 and making a lot of high speed stops, I kinda want to be

sure I'm always gonna stop

Re: Tomos Tires and Brakes

Well I guess that tomorow the front tire comes off along with cables etc. so that I can take a look at the brakes. I think that the front tire not only will be easier to deal with, but like cars now days, the front brakes do most of the stopping.

As far as the tire situation, that is not as urgent(read I wont be killed as easily) situation, in a couple of weeks maybe I will get the things and sort out the installation.


Re: Tomos Tires and Brakes

Reeperette /

Best guess estimate on the brakes is 6500 Miles.

Tires, always get Cheng Shin, they have multiple tread designs, all of which are nice - and a particular one I am real fond of.

As for how long they last...depends on how hard you ride, mine last only about 2500 miles, if that, and I like fresh rubber under me, so I change out more often.

As for those super-puncture resistance tubes, some company named "BELL" makes them for bicycles, and the 16" jobbies will fit Tomos tires.


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