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Boy was today a windy one. I was making a right turn into the wind and my tomos had just shifted into 2nd before the turn. When I tried accelerating it stayed at 20mph. It took about half a block before it really started picking up speed...after the 2 stroke starting to rev higher I was hitting a top speed of 35mph at the most. I knew the wind was blowing at me 'cause I happened to see a flag running parallel as the road I was on. The way going home, of course, was a blast! I was hitting 39-40mph on the bike. I love the howel I get from the BiTurbo w/ most of the insulation out. I was curious how fast I could go with the wind facing my back and I knew a way to find out. There was a Machine on the side of the road that reads out how fast you are going in order to try to slow you down or if a cop sees so he can pull you over. The speed limit is 25mph and every one goes faster. I turned onto the street and accelerated as fast as I could. The road wasn't too smooth but I achieved 37mph on the digital readout. I'll always try to beat that going down the road. I did see a cop when I was doing this but by that time I was about to pass the machine. Has anyone else ever clocked themselves off of this radar machine?

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That's awesome man i gotta find out where there's one of those in southern ontario

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my friend and i were doing that once, when i still had the 70cc kit. Next thing i knew, cops came flying around the corner with their lights on, headed right for me. I knew i was screwed, so i pulled over, and they went right by me. Whew!

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yeah i used to do that. so how fast did your 70cc kit go? well i got a bike spedo instead of finding those speed trap things. a good bike spedo will be alot more acurate then most car spedos.


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I hit 32 once on one here in NC, but that was before I got a bi-turbo and I didn't really see the thing til i was almost on it...I'm lookin for another now that I'm tuned up a bit. Funny, this is the tiniest town in the country, yet we have one of those radar speed checkers, 30 deputies, 10 town cops, and only God knows how many highway patrolman stationed here. Still, I can run 42 in a 35 zone and get blown in the weeds by a car....go figure. Can you say "misappropriation of gov't funds"? How about widening the roads with some of that spare change?

Anyways, kill and destroy even if you have to swarm to do it; the ends justify the means....


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yes we too have had the pleasure of having one a those gizzies in our neighborhood....we had a kick all week with it....i ride a tomos w/ biturbo, and mild carb work on top speed was 43mph...although mark, a friend of mine who rides a targa w/ turbo, mild carb work, port and polished, consistantly reached speeds of 46mph, to 49mph....with a little more weight lose i am sure he will go past 50mph....btw, port and poishing of tomos can be performed at Harveys motors in Paw Paw....very knowlegable about the tomos line

Brad"CUL8R", @mattawan

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in kalamazoo there was (is?) a similar device on oakland drive. i used to ride past it to see how fast my bianchi would do on the way back from getting groceries. we even swarmed it once, about 12-15 mopeds deep. it was tough to see who was hitting what speed ... but it was a blast.

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