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Tony C's Friend /

Hey i was just wondering when your drving your peds what all has hit you in the face i was driving down the rode on my indian and a bee stinger end first hit me below the eye at 40 and i was 3miles from home i had a death grip on those bars . Share your experiences

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Ataristyle /

Haven't gotten hit in the face yet w/ bugs but I'm sure they will come at me. Sounds painful. I hope that never happens to me. Try driving w/ one of those bee keeper masks on. Then you should be safe.

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Re: Stuff hitting head

Jon Dalton /

that's why i always wear my chemistry goggles while mopeding, that and the wind

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Re: Stuff hitting head

My friend got hit in the throat by a yellow jacket once when riding with me (in a truck, not on a ped, but damn it musta went straight to his jugular vein cuz he spazzed out for a little while. Freaked my ass out, I can tell ya.

I've been lucky so far on the ped cuz i wear my face sheild up. I love the breeze in the face, but I've heard two very distinctive "knicks" offa the top of my helmet. Kinda worries me, but I'll risk cuz i hate being a prisoner in my helmet...I may as well drive a car if i'm gonna lose the freedom.

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Re: Stuff hitting head

Reeperette /

Well, I've caught quite a few bugs in my time - but the only one that really comes to mind was that damn bumblebee.

I was makin my weekly Baltimore to Annapolis run and cussin some jerk who cut his pass a little too close when one of them damn big fluffy bumblebees went right between my teeth...damn near swallowed him, really....and that lil fucker stung me right on top of the tongue...and dudes, that HURTZ....a lot.

So I bit the bastard in half, turned my head and spit him to the winds, and luckily, one of my friends lived nearby, in Severna you can imagine me trying to explain this to him as he's trying to pull the damn stinger out for me with a pair of tweezers, laughin so hard he can't keep his hand steady while I am sputterin "Iss Nawt funnyyy" with my tongue all swollen up like that.

Still, I'll take the bugs over the face shield any day...that's like stickin yer head in a bucket.


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