hellooooooooooo naval jelly.

so i just won this on ebay today and it looks like, i dunno...someone left just the chrome at the bottom of a lake, then reattached it to a decent bike. wtf man.

either way, im super stoked about the price and location. go me.

Re: hellooooooooooo naval jelly.

no groms no blasters /

I like grape.

Re: hellooooooooooo naval jelly.

dude you will be suprised at how much of that chrome will come back with a little elbow grease and some sos pads.

if all else fails get some of that rustoleum one stage black hand hammmered spray ( trust me on this one ) and spray the chrome bars on that back black, and do the handle bars too.

thats funny California boy. Out here in New England / East Coast, thats what we call a clean maxi ! As long as the tank is good all that chrome shit is a write off anywho.

Re: hellooooooooooo naval jelly.

Sweet buy man! I was having trouble one day at meijers thrifty acres finding naval jelly so I asked a guy that worked there where it was and he looked at me funny and said "Dude, I don't think we sell that kinda stuff here" So after finding it by myself, I found him and showed him exactly what it was. =D

Re: hellooooooooooo naval jelly.

good buy. even if gas pours out the frame when you pour it in you can make you cash back in parts.

you havent lived until you go to put gazelle's on those skinny rims. wont clear the front fender on those early maxi's either without some grinding.

be a adventurist and run 2.0 skinny tires for speed.

You will be needing a 14mm carb lol

Re: hellooooooooooo naval jelly.

You'll be better off with 000 steel wool, for cleaning up the bars.

yeah. that thing is super clean.

you are a lucky boy.

Re: hellooooooooooo naval jelly.

Rob @t ATTN! Burrito /

just get new rims for it. i have a set i'd put on the line- say are you any good at Dr. Mario?

my favorite part of the listing is:

_Original unmolested hard to find - 1977 PUCH MAXI moped / scooter_

also barkeepers friend works slightly better and less messy than the steel wool or naval jelly if you have alot to do.

Re: hellooooooooooo naval jelly.

I've also heard good things about Evaporust. but I haven't tried it..

it may make my bike evaporate..

Re: hellooooooooooo naval jelly.

SOS pads or even using aluminum foil on chrome rust works well as long as it hasn't pitted yet! I've gotten a few rims and sets of handle bars looking like new with a roll of foil, haha.

Re: hellooooooooooo naval jelly.

i'm glad you got it (and that my e-bay obsession paid off for someone!!) I thought of you as soon as I saw it and mapped the location. there have been deals on e-bay lately.

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