Spark plug terminals

So I bought a box of 10 spark plugs on line, NGK B6HS, and when they showed up in the mail yesterday, I see that they have the larger terminal that's shaped like this....

while the spark plugs I need have a terminal like this....

The terminal is the very top part that the wire on your moped sticks on, opposite of the end you screw into the engine, as I've just learned what the term is myself. I knew there were different kinds, but I assumed that a certain model would stick to one type of terminal, and if NGK was going to change the design of the plug, they could be nice enough to change the product number. Make them B6HS-A and B6HS-B or something like that.

Anyway, you guys ever run into this problem before? Is there a good place that you know sells a box of B6HS with the skinnier terminal? Or is it easier just to find a cap for the ignition coil that will let me use this whole box of spark plugs I just bought?

I see a whole list of boots and spark plug wires on treats, but I can't tell which one would fit this type of spark plug, and why there's a selection of 10 different ones, not to mention they all cost as much as just buying a new box of spark plugs anyway.

Any advice you guys have would be great!



Re: Spark plug terminals

Take a pair of pliers and unscrew the bulb shape part of the terminal off.

Re: Spark plug terminals


now that was a stupid question

Re: Spark plug terminals

Everyone is entitled to atleast one _blonde_ moment a day, but seriously you didn't know that Josh???

Re: Spark plug terminals

That's not a stupid question.

Re: Spark plug terminals

Yikes, next time someone new to mopeds asks a question I consider common knowledge I'll be sure to tear their ass apart for it.

No, I didn't know the top was just a cover. I haven't spent much of my free time pulling spark plugs apart. I've only had to replace spark plugs in a couple things before, and they always just fit how they were.

Re: Spark plug terminals

Who tore anyone's ass apart? This: "now that was a stupid question"?

Re: Spark plug terminals

Yeah 'cause NONE of you guys have _ever_ asked a question somebody else thought was obvious...

Up The Irons!

Re: Spark plug terminals

Dude..I searched my first post on the Gen Forum and my first question was about putting a toggle switch on my Sprint.....I was lame...

Re: Spark plug terminals

I do not think that was common knowledge.

Thank you JOSH for posting, because I had same problem and didn't realize the answer of "unscrewing the top" before I read this post.

I am completely self-taught on mopeds, but know a crap-ton about load-balancing with Apache and multiple instances of Apache Tomcat.

Some things seem common knowledge to me... but to others... might not be so common.

Thanks again Josh and whomever responded with answer.

Re: Spark plug terminals

my very existence is a stupid question.

Re: Spark plug terminals

Çhåvëz • /

This forum has a lot of sarcastic comments. It's really getting old. The whole idea of this site is to get and give info, no? I've only been here less than 6 months and have learned a ton. People need to relax and be grounded. We are all at different levels and stages. If everybody knew everything this site would suck. Chill, we all have one thing in common.

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