Jon Dalton /

just curious, has anyone been pulled over for their moped being too loud? my cousin's car is so loud it's set off car alarms just driving past them, and he never gets pulled over. actually, i would like to know who all has been pulled over and for what. lets all share our best stories. heres a good one. I have this home made scooter with a 2 stroke in it, pretty fast but i couldn't ride it anywhere. I took it to my friend's apartment where there's an underground parking lot with like 3 cars in it. Him and his friends were riding down there once and apparently there was a complaint about the noise. A cop drove in, but didn't stop them, instead just started laughing his head off at these grown men driving a scooter made out of angle iron and bicycle parts. Then the cop got on the scooter and started driving it around.

Re: noise


Re: noise

Chris Robertson /

I got pulled over last year for running a red light. It was way after midnight, and there was no traffic. I was halfway through the intersection when I realized the car behind me was a cop.

I guess I deserved the $150 ticket for not paying attention.

Re: noise

Ataristyle /

I haven't been pulled over for noise. I don't think my ped is loud compared to those import cars w/ the mufflers that howel and fart. I actually want to make my moped as loud as possible(without getting a ticket of course). I pulled the insulation out of the BiTurbo muffler. I got pulled over before during the blizzard here. School was called off half at noon. I went home(in my truck) and decided to take my moped to work later on. I drove it there...slipping constantly on the snowy roads. The cop pulled me over(when about a few blocks from my work) and said, "A little too dangerous for that today?" I replied,"Yeah, I know, I should have taken my truck." I told him where I was going and he told me to be careful. I dont think I'll ride my 'ped in that severe of a weather again. Especially since the tires were the stock(slicks) on the Tomos. If I had different tires(cheng shin) with chain wrapped that would have been great. I would also like to build a bike car (plans you can order shown in the back of Boy Scout magazines). I would then try mounting a moped engine to the bike. A 4 wheel moped would be great in any bad weather.

Swarm and Destroy!

4 wheel moped

Jon DAlton /

Is that legal in your state? here they can't have more than 3 wheels

Re: 4 wheel moped

Ataristyle /

I'm not sure. I doubt it would be legal to be consider as a moped by the state. But it would have pedals and a moped...thus MOPED : ) It would be like driving a mini car. Hey, maybe I could make a mini cooper shell to put on the outside of it. heh

Re: noise

Reeperette /

Lets see...

There was the speedin ticket, but I already posted that one.

The frankenbike near landed me in the impound yard one night, couple of local cops decided to hassle me, and it had to be personal cause no sane cop sets a speed trap on a business driveway at 3am when no one is gonna be coming down it for hours save the security folks changing shift.

So they pull out behind me, and instead of pullin over on the street, I signal em to follow me into the parkin lot of another business - mind, it's legal to NOT stop but continue to a populated, well-lighted area and then stop if you feel the cops might try a little rodney king action out in the dark middle of nowhere.

So they shake me down, bitchin cause my permit expired four days ago (oops) cause I had forgotten to renew it, but they really had a case about my 'ped, bigtime.

In order to get off, I had to get the kickstand out of the saddle bags and prop it under the damn thing, the lights were run off a 9.6v RC Car battery, no muffler, and it was hand-built out of pieces of like almost half a dozen other 'peds...none of which was in great shape before I hacked em fer parts.

Those two cops spend half an hour with some damn traffic reg book looking for some way to "get that piece of shit off the road", and bitchin that it was suicidal to ride...and I was like "look, no ride - no work, no work - no money, no money - no food...capisce ??" - being cops they didn't even pretend to empathise, of course.

(Mind, Maryland, inside the beltway, for a car, has Inspection, Emissions, and Avg Insurance is $3,000+ a's nutz, a Moped is a $15 permit, and that's IT.)

So after a while they decide they are going to have it towed as a public safety measure, and they call the wrecker and he says "You want me to tow a WHAT??" and just starts laughing at em.

They wound up slapping me with a written warning for unsafe operation and storming was to my chagrin they did get me almost a month later when I buzzed the 7-11 they were hanging out at and gave em the finger.....they nailed me for "unsafe operation" cause I wasn't usin both hands.

Cops are pricks, but it was worth the ticket to me to see the look on thier faces.


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