80 Jawa wiring diagram anyone

manual or just the gram Thanz Steve

Re: 80 Jawa wiring diagram anyone

Chris Robertson /

I have four Jawas and I too would love to have some kind of manual to help me keep them running.

Re: 80 Jawa wiring diagram anyone


Here is a diagram for a jawa. I have know idea what year, but i think most of the jawa's wiring would be the same. i own 2 jawa's my self, a 210 and a stock 81. well hopfuly the attachment thing works.

keep those jawas moving!

Good luck!!

Scott H

Re: 80 Jawa wiring diagram anyone

Hey It worked!

also #5 on there sorta got cut off or something it is the tail light. or as it says on there "tail lamp"

Hope that helps you.

Scott H

Re: 80 Jawa wiring diagram anyone

For maintaining/repairing early Jawa's (single speed tranny, like the Babetta) and other 70's vintage mopeds, the best book I've ever seen is

Moped Repair Handbook by Paul Dempsey (Tab Books, Blue Ridge Summit, PA,

17214), published in 1977. My local library has it. If yours doesn't, try to get it by interlibrary loan. It's much better than any other moped book I've ever seen, and I've examined at least a half dozen. There is also a web site in Germany (the guy writes in English, too) that sells Jawa parts, "everything" for the 2-speed tranny Jawa's, and not everything for the 1-speed tranny Jawa's. It's



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