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Ok, Before I go and make an ass of myself. How is Puch pronounced?

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PUCH is pronouced like PU in PUKE and the CH is just added on. if that makes any sense. if i'm wrong though don't kill me because that's what the dealer said.

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Everyone I've talked to pronounces it "POOK" (rhyming with "Duke") but at the manufacturer's site, they said it was pronounced to rhyme with the word "Book" I'd go with the POOK pronunciation, it seems more common.

That reminds me of a Monty Python sketch where a guy's name was spelled "Luxury Yacht" but was pronounced "Throatwarbler Mangrove"

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Here is the thread on our message board conscerning the pronuciation.



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the german word for book is Buch i don't no how to make an umlaut, so in german the ryming thing makes sense. in english it sounds like pook, like pooky garfields teddy bear.


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