WifeBeater is a wife beater

what's the deal w/ WifeBeater? he said that he used to steal "moped" while in college. if he went to school at all he should realize that "moped" should be "mopeds". Crowns are the shittest cars out there. How about getting a car with some class such as a LandRover or Mercedes E-Class

Re: WifeBeater is a wife beater

Simon King /

petty fights aren't so important, i'd just ignore WifeBeater.

oh, and who needs a car? -- we've got mopeds.

Re: WifeBeater is a wife beater

jess_monster /

Yeah, if anyone wants to trade a moped for a car or a truck we can work something out. I'm serious 1978 Ford Pickup and an 88 Dodge Aires. Both are crap....Will take a crappy ped.

Re: WifeBeater is a wife beater

Hey now, lets not dis the vickies and the marquis! At least the man has some class and drives a cool car even tho hes an asshole.

Re: WifeBeater is a wife beater

Jon DAlton /

those cars are only good for one reason - they never, ever rust out. why can't honda and toyota do whatever ford does to those cars, then you'd have something cheap that also lasts

Car fer Moped ?

Reeperette /

Now I am laffin...I've done that !

I traded that damndable 82 Aries I had for an 89 Tomos.

I despise the Aries...damn heavy car with a gerbilwheel fer an engine, 0-60 in half an hour, frikkin engine in there sideways so when one belt goes...every 300 miles, right on schedule...it gets caught up and takes em all out, and just TRY replacing them all...not fun.

And the damn transmission has this nasty habit of coming apart all over the road..ugh, damn Lee Ia-whasisdamnname anyway.

Keep yer Aries, you couldn't pay me to take it, heheheh.


(The scary thing is that the moped is almost as fast...ok, it's a joke, but anyone who's owned an Aries will get it.)

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