You got to be kidding; a moped????

WifeBeater /

Man this site is gay. Who the hell considers a moped to have any performance? Is the moped gay army going to come after me....LMAF I want to see that happen. Why not actually get a motorcycle? Even a small Ninja 250 ( is better then your 50cc shit.

Last time I saw a kid on a moped I ran them over while in my Crown Vic. Get real kids and get a Crown Vic like I have then you can join us when we run you off the road and pimp out those bitches of yours.

-Big Vic

Re: You got to be kidding; a moped????

Simon King /

It's not about speed, it's about style.

Re: You got to be kidding; a moped????

WifeBeater /

What style? When do people look at a mopeds and say, "boy I want one of those, they look cool"? LOL

Time to write to the Gov and tell them kids and mopeds do not mix. They should not even be allowed on the road. I hope I see a moped while driving home tonight i think I will run it off the road......hehehehehhe

Re: You got to be kidding; a moped????

jess_monster /

Anytime you want to meet with me, I'll be here. You think your bad cause you have a nice little motorcycle. Shit, I have one in my garage i'm going to sell because I'd rather have another ped. And if you think they are so gay, why are you here. It's people like you who learn how bad you are when you fuck with the wrong pedder.

do you even realize...

how startlingly unoriginal this post is?

do you think you were the first genious to find the forum and say "mopeds are gay?"

well, you know what? i just reralized you're right, i'm gonna go get a "crown vis" now and drive around pretending i'm a cop. kewl...


Re: You got to be kidding; a moped????

Brandon E /

--"When do people look at a mopeds and say, "boy I want one of those, they look cool"?"

Every time I've shown my Puch Newport to someone.

It's even resulted in one of my friends purchasing a moped.

Even my brother, who's one of those "There's no replacement for Displacement" drag race enthusiasts (he's building an 800 hp blower motor for his tubbed Monte Carlo) took my Puch for a ride (in 20 degree weather, I might add) up and down the street, came back, and said, "that ain't bad" with a huge grin on his face.

Well, honestly, the most common response is "Brandon, why do end up owning all of the coolest shit?"

Re: You got to be kidding; a moped????

jess_monster /

And you've got to admit, chicks do dig mopeds...

Re: You got to be kidding; a moped????

Jon Dalton /

gay? no performance? who cares???

we can't bring anything into this world or take anything with us, so why get carried away?

oh yeah, i'll be checking my mirrors in case you're ever in hamilton.

Re: You got to be kidding; a moped????

Jon Dalton /

you can pick up chicks on a moped -

when it breaks and they offer to drive you home

get your facts straight - they're 49cc

Jon Dalton /

most people i know say things like wow man i want one of those, or i had one of those back in the 70's. people pull up beside me at lights and want to race me. people. even most punk kids want to check it out and ask me about it, and think it's cool. only a couple times the stereotypical popular people from high school with the chevrolet cavalier with tinted windows and a loud radio drove by and honked and yelled but those kind of people will make fun of you for any little thing as if they assume everybody is trying to do things that fit their extremely narrow definition of cool. take a clue guys, a lot of people don't care if you call them fags. it just might be different where i live, there is not much anti-moped sentiment out on the streets. Just don't ride it past the smoking area of a local high school.

Chicks DO dig mopeds

They truely do. I have proof.

Re: get your facts straight - they're 49cc

HA HA HAW! Big Slick wouldn`t make a good bump on my ass! Why do yall waste your time even repling to Big Slick....Doug D.

Re: get your facts straight - they're 49cc

Jon Dalton /

mostly for the edification of the rest of the group

simon's reply in particular was hilarious

Re: Chicks and mopeds

Plus, it's just sort of fun to see everyone gang up on some idiot posting insults we've already heard a million times. It just reaffirms why we all like mopeds so much when we have to defend ourselves constantly.

And for the record, I sold my 550cc motorcycle in favor of my 49cc moped. The moped is friendlier, and I get to be in a gang. I always wanted to be in a gang like in The Wild One...

Re: Chicks and mopeds

some of the guys in the army are very very very good at hunting down people via their ip ... we should start retaliating to those bastards and email their boses more often than we already do. wouldn't that be fun? maybe post their credit card information ... stuff like that ... i'd like to see how they like that ... most of them are so damn stupid and have no clue what they can get themselves into ...

Re: Chicks and mopeds

Reeperette /

You can do, I would like to see three things..

A - Let em try a 6 mile round trip through the city on a 'ped, and see if they hold the same opinions when they get back (IF they get back).

B - Let em try playin some of those games on the road with me..and see who comes away crying to thier insurance company, eh ?

C - Have em take one good look at the Tomos Revival and tell me that bike doesn't just scream badness, 49cc's or not.

But then, as we all know - these types are just talk, and only have any courage from miles away behind a screen where they THINK they are anonymous (heheh).

Of course...if any of em do have the guts to stake thier money where their mouth is...they can show up on memorial day, but I am bettin they wont.


Gas Milage???

The subject explains it all!

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