Honda 3 speed??

Jon Dalton /

After a lot of hammering and flathead screwdriver prying and a little bit of intelligence (oh, so THAT bolt has to come out first) I got the gearcase apart on my Honda PC-50. I thought it was a 3 speed automatic but when I get it apart all I see is ONE LOUSY SPEED!!! It's like this - the clutch drives a bigger with a smaller gear on the same shaft which in turn drives a bigger gear on the shaft that the drive sprocket goes on with another sprocket chained to a smaller sprocket on a ratcheting mechanism on the shaft that the pedals go on. could it be the transmission was messed up before and the guy just took a bunch iof parts out?

Re: Honda 3 speed??

WifeBeater /

Why not buy a real bike? That has real gears?

can't afford it, moped was free

Jon Dalton /

it also says on the vehicle history, the official blue book value - exactly $0.00.

unlike the two cars i've registered, this time it's accurate!!

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