My magnum build thus far

So in the past I had talked a fair amount of shits in regards to the puch magnum.

I came across one, and decided to buy it. I was planning on flipping it real quick to someone that really wanted one.

Then I rode it.

After that it was all over. I paid WAY too much money for the bike, but its been a lot of fun thus far.

Broads are into it for sure. I can't pull up to a class without some broad asking about it.

So here she is, about half way through the build.

Now all I need to really do is paint and other cosmetic stuff. I just went with a mild build meant for traffic and around town use.

Thats just a cheapo Kstar, a hicomp head, bing 17 with curvy intake, Big Ass k&n air filter, proma circuit and some peugeot 6 stars.

Re: My magnum build thus far

So, how is it running? Paint doesn't look that bad. Ride that mutha!

Re: My magnum build thus far

that airfilter is nuts. nice ride!

Re: My magnum build thus far

i think you might be in the running for biggest airfilter on a moped! but i like it, did you have to do anything crazy to get the back wheel on or is it a direct fit?

Re: My magnum build thus far

You said "broads"...right on!

Re: My magnum build thus far

B. P. Gretenhart /

cant wait to see that fucker run tonight!

we need to find you a bigger filter.

Re: My magnum build thus far

King Drunky JCams /

"Broads" is a pretty funny term.

Gets me to chuckle everytime.

Nice magnum though. Love the rims.

I personally would get a smaller air filter ASAP.

Re: My magnum build thus far

Sweet bike, Finally someone using a real air filter!

Re: My magnum build thus far

Yeah haha, I ordered that airfilter sight unseen from farm and fleet. It was a number in a catalog and I bought it for a dellorto. Then it showed up and I was like dammit, this thing would never fit on a tomos.

It runs really well. Right now what I need most performance wise is some clutch tuning. It grips way too soon. I can't decide whether to get a three shoe or just get some springs for my 2 shoe.

As for the rims, it was pretty straight forward. I used the puch break hubs and spacers, but if I remember correctly I had to use an axle off of the peugeot. I also used the puch speedo drive, but I am going to try and throw a tomos speedo drive in there. I have a nice little 50mph speedo off of an avanti that uses the same cable and drive as a tomos. 50 is about as fast as I think this set up could possibly go. Its totally meant for acceleration.

Re: My magnum build thus far

I'm actually starting a magnum project myself. Just wondering what you thought of that cylinder/exhaust? I'm shooting for the 45-50mph range but still want to be able to handle traffic. (btw that filter is sick)

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I like the pair a lot. Truth be told I bught them because I am on a super tight budget right now and I got a killer deal on the set up. The K star kit is decent enough quality wise and I feel like I am getting good power out of it, so yeah, I am pleased.

The only thing I will say is the promas quality is kind of shitty. There is an exhaust leak in the seam where the two halves were pressed together. Also the silencer fell off because the clamp sucks.

Re: My magnum build thus far

hey! got that 17 bing running, huh? any problems with the angle? i would love it if you could get me the part number or whatever for that donger air filter......

Re: My magnum build thus far

Non at all actually. I looked at it and was sure it wasn't going to work, but sure enough it works fine.

The only thing I have noticed is that it is real touchy to being turned or tilted. The other day I didn't tighten down the flange tight enough and it rotated maybe 15 degrees on the intake and the bike died and was pissing gas. I rotated it back and it was all good.

Also once I was standing at a stop light and I was kind of holding the bike but letting it sit at an angle and it puttered out again. Its a little touchy about leaning, but its a real solid carb, no leaking, and you get the needle and the jet for tuning. I was going to go with a PHBG but I really like this carb and set up. It was a lot easier to tune than a PHBG and I don't feel like there are any flat spots or anything.

Re: My magnum build thus far

i hope i see this thing in MPLS next weekend!

Re: My magnum build thus far

Probably Fred /

Looks good with my old pipe on. You need to bang the silencer all the way on with rubber mallet then clamp on with socket not screwdriver . Pipe did not leak when I had it. spot or Jb weld it. I had same set up on my magnum for a while look take a belt sander to the intake to make it straight and get a good 2 shoe

Re: My magnum build thus far

Yeah, I am going to weld it up. Its just a little split in the seam, easily could have happened getting tossed around in shipping. Either that or it leaked and you didn't notice it. I would not have noticed it except I had oiled the cylinder on install and was running hella rich oil and gas mixture so it was spitting out thick thick smoke and I noticed some puffing out of the outside of the first curve in the header. Easy fix, just haven't broken out the wqelder yet.

Thanks again for the parts man.

Re: My magnum build thus far

dont you just love broads?

get some buddy pegs!

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