choke problem.......

I finally got my hog to run thanks to everybody here (Thanks to everyone who helped! =)) but i cant get it stay running when i take the choke off. Anyone else ever have this problem before? ~Matt

Re: choke problem.......

choke off or on? it won't run well w/ it on, but not off. be sure it's not backward. on a dellorto carb, the choke is "on" when the switch is down. it won't run beyond a quick start w/ it down.

Re: choke problem.......

I got a 79 PA50 it starts and runs fine but as soon as i take the choke off it stalls in about 5 seconds. Im stumped. I tried adjusting the carb but that didnt do a thing. What should i try next???

Re: choke problem.......

maybe you're using the choke backwards ("on" is actually "off")? does it run full speed w/ the choke? a minarelli will run w/ the choke if moving, but very very very slowly.

Re: choke problem.......

Thats a thought, but its spring loaded and wouldnt it spring into the off position??

Re: choke problem.......

Matt... Read my guide below, entitled "How to Fix Your Moped"

You have a dirty carb... plain and simple.

The choke is allowing gas to flow into the throat.

When it flips off.. the clogged jets are letting NO gas flow.

It explains.. exactly.. how to fix that.

The problem with a PA50 is that getting the carb out is difficult.

I find it best to hang the frame from an overhead rafter or something with the stand about a half inch above the ground... then remove the big bolt that bolts the engine to the frame... and unbolt the bottom rear shocks... then hoist the frame up from the motor a few inches (watch the cables)... and remove the carb.

Clean it like the guide says.

I will warn you... stock PA50's are sloooow... I know.

Re: choke problem.......

Yep, on a Tomos the Oring inside the inlet of the carb was bad, found by spraying some carb cleaner around it, WD-40 is ok too. Doug D.

Re: choke problem....... again......I took the carb off and cleaned it now the only problem i have is the idle...The stop screw for the throttle is all the way in and it still wont idle unless I pull the throttle about an 8th of an inch away from the screw. now i know the stop screw shouldnt have to be all the way in. Is this still a dirty carb problem? iknow im a pain in the ass with all these questions but Im sooo close to having this on the road. Thanks again for all the help! ~Matt

Re: choke problem.......

Odds are the carb still has a clogged passageway.

I know you don't want to do it but what the bike shops do is they have a 1 gallon paint can of carb cleaner with a dunk basket in it... and they take the carb apart and subnerge it in there for a day or two... and then take it out and blow out ALL the orifices with high pressure air.

You will have to clean that carb till you get the crud out of those pasageways.

You could try to submerge it in gas with some carb cleaner squirted into it... and covered up.

Then install an inline fuel filter and use gas treatment to help keep it clean.

Re: choke problem.......

I think ill try that one. I cleaned the carb twice today and it only got better each time. Thanks sooo much for all the help!! I know i was a pain in the ass with all the stupid questions but you helped me out a whole bunch. Have a gr8ful day man and ride on! ~Matt

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