oil mix ration question

how much oil should i put in a puch engine? someone recommended 3.5 oz per gallon for puch. is that right? i put 2.7 oz of two-stroke per gallon in my minarelli. is that right?

fred's moped tutorial also recommends 3-4 oz of two-stroke per gallon ... so i'm wondering if i'm doing something really really wrong and stupid rookie mistake.

man, i hope i didn't misunderstand someone and have been running lean all along. or are the two engines just needing different ammounts of oil? thanks.

Re: oil mix ration question

I think that 3 oz of oil to a gallon (a ratio of 50 parts gas to 1 part oil) is correct

Re: oil mix ration question

Jon Dalton /

my engine burns more oil than that, and it's a 4 stroke

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