Owned a Bullet for 1 hour

david f martin /

The vintage blue Tomos bullet (1200 miles, garage kept, complete) I looked at last week was gone when I went back to the cycle shop yesterday... The rest of them were marked down to $100, so I bought an '86 blue Bullet TS, got it back to the shop, got it running...

I couldn't believe how well it accelerates... Much faster than my '84 Yamahopper (one speed). I bought it as a backup so I could fix the Yamaha up...

Lots of things were loose on this one, though. When I hit the front brakes, the whole front end vibrated like crazy.

Turns out that one of the other mechanics where I work really needs one, so I let him have it for what I bought it for. Then called the cycle shop to buy another one I was looking at. Guess what? Sold out already!

Damn. Does this qualify me for moped Sainthood? (Probably Moped Dumbass)...

Oh well. You gotta take care of your friends... It all comes back around sooner or later.

Next on the agenda: Get the cylinder bored to 2nd oversize, new piston and rings, new muffler...


Re: Owned a Bullet for 1 hour

good job. spread the moped gospel. now you have a friend w/ a moped you can ride w/. start swarming!

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