DERBI GPR 50 Volume


I am going to get a DERBI GPR 50 with a race kit on it, so it's going to be 75cc For those of you guys who have a derbi w/ or without race kit can you tell me how loud it is relative to regular automobiles?

I need to know cos I am going to move to a place that needs to be pretty quiet.

my email is

Please reply if you guys know anything about how loud a derbi is. THANK YOU!

Re: DERBI GPR 50 Volume

I have a Derbi Variant without a speed kit. It

Re: DERBI GPR 50 Volume

The noise depends mainly on the silencer. I have a Bultaco Astro with a Metrakit 75cc kit on it with the original silencer (the engine is the same for both bikes). The noise is the same level, but a different sound. If you change to a racing silencer, it can get very loud.

PS: Nice bike!!

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