motor swap

i have a moto guzzi robin with a benelli g2 can i swap it with a gloria intramotor

Re: motor swap

idk yes if you have a welder, probably if you have a dermal, and possibly if you just have wrenches. no if you don't have access to wrenches. sorry i have no idea about Italian peds.

Re: motor swap

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

Gloria uses Morini Franco. They have similar engine mounts to a Benelli G2 but I don't remember if exact. I would ask Mopedjay who has swapped a lot of different engines with ones that are not the same brand.

The Benelli is a lot faster, why would you make such a swap?

Re: motor swap

The benelli needs new piston clutch is bad and the ped was free just want it to run and have for upnorth

Re: motor swap

I'll take it off your hands and fix it. New piston, look up asso with the number on the inside of the piston. You should be able to find them. Also puch 2 shoe clutches work well. Like I said I would be willing to take this off of your hands, do you have any pictures, hopefully its orange?

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