Moped Stolen MPLS

My buddy's Targa LX top tank, red in color and fairly beat up with remnants of gold decals that arealso fairly beat up.

Last seen on his porch in the Selby/Dale neighborhood off of Hague. It has been reported stolen. Was on his porch not locked (stupid) outside an open window with occupants in the house.

If you see the bike up on craigslist or out and about please let me know and I will pass it along. Figure it was either taken by kids or metal scrapers. With day light tomorrow will do more thorough recon of the surrounding area.

Will hopefully get some pics to post soon.

Moped Stolen MPLS

kim jensen /

Sorry to hear that, the Mpls Mopeds crew will keep an eye out.

While we're at it, check out the site and show up for some rides on thursdays!

Blast to be had!

Re: Moped Stolen MPLS

That sucks, definitely will keep my eyes peeled.

Re: Moped Stolen MPLS

Eyes open here, death to moped thieves! The streets shall run with the blood of them! But will be on the lookout, is it plated etc? Best of luck with recovery!

Re: Moped Stolen MPLS

bump through the egregious amount of spam from last night

Re: Moped Stolen MPLS

(Casserollers) Gregory B. /

i'll keep my eyes open.

i work downtown as a driver so i'll be able to scope a large area in uptown.

can't wait to find the person!

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