6v to 12v... Possible?

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Okay, my sweetheart has had her 'ped for a week now. And it runs great. However, there are some things that I would like to change, for her safety. Some of them easy, some not so. Here is one of them. The Sachs 505 engine that she is running has a 6v battery attached. Aside from the usual suspects, Lights, Horn, and fuses, what else would I need to swap out to upgrade the engine from 6v to a 12v system? I want to give her brighter lighting and a louder horn.

Re: 6v to 12v... Possible?

everything under the flywheel and the high tension coil as well. this

Re: 6v to 12v... Possible?

no if you want 12 volts you can have the lighting coil rewound at any place that still rewinds electric motors

the lighting circuit is separate from the spark circuit so you can leave the primary and secondary spark coils alone

Re: 6v to 12v... Possible?

kim jensen /

Treats sells 12v stator kits for Puch and Vespa, don't know about Sachs though.

For an upgraded horn, several of our crew have installed the air horn kits that are available. Work good and are relatively cheap!

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