I snapped my fucking Axle!

Yeah, riding, heard a loud pop and my front end starts wobbling like crazy. I stopped on the side of a 50 mph road and looked for what happened. I had no idea so I took off and it started wobbling again. I looked down and the hub was almost completely separated from the wheel. I had to walk it a half mile to the Meijer parking lot so i could call my friend to pick me up.

I guess I am lucky it didn't happen a hundred yards before on the down side of the overpass cause I probably would have crashed.

This ever happen to anyone else?

Re: I snapped my fucking Axle!

happened to my rear axle..the only thing that held my tire in place was the chain....rode it home while the tail slipped all over the road, scary shit

Re: I snapped my fucking Axle!

Duuuude..very bad, glad you are ok, that could have been much worse, never happened to me...bad bearings overheated? Never heard of this before.

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