recumbant moped?

Just a thought... I've got a 2000 tomos and I'm considering building a seat in the u in the middle of the bike so that I can lie back (with my feet on pegs on the front wheel). It'll reduce the frontal area ..BIG TIME and allow me to add a shell for aero-dynamic improvement.


Re: recumbant moped?

SteelToad /

In the 178MPG topic, I mentioned building a bike from scratch. A recumbant is

exactly what I was thinking of. Had the thought a little while ago, but watching

junkyard wars last night made me think more about it.

I think you would have to stretch the bike out some, otherwise, your feet are

really going to be in the way when you try to corner.

Re: recumbant moped?

Years (over 25 at least) ago the world record for furthest distance on a gallon of gas was done with an aerodynamic recumbent bike. It was powered by a Honda 50 c.c. engine. If I recall one of the details correctly, the engine ran full bore til it reached a maximum speed, then it was shut down and the bike coasted. when it got to a minimum critical speed, the driver popped the clutch and the engine allowed to roar to that maximum speed.

Repeating this procedure on a track got them that World Record way back when.

Jim C.

Re: recumbant moped?

About every 3 days or so I see a post titled

Re: Fuel economy

Chris Robertson /

I've noticed a huge difference between highway and city mileage on my mopeds. Last year I went to visit my parents in a nearby city about 120km (75 miles) away. I used my 1982 Honda PA-50 for the trip. Normally its 3 litre (.75 gallon) tank is good for about 60km (38 miles). It almost made it the whole way on one tank: about 110km (70 miles)!

My mileage observations (city driving):

1982 Honda PA-50II: 5L/100km (47MPG)

1978 Peugeot 103: 5L/100km (47 MPG) (this used to be better before it was stolen and crashed a few times last year).

1981 Jawa Supreme III: 6L/100km (39 MPG)

1972 Vespa Ciao: 3L/100km (78 MPG)

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