Magnum build

I ended up missing out on a Rally to pick up this sad $160 Magnum. It had a seized motor, bicycle rim n tire on front, dented up tank, etc.

I sold the tank, seat n trunk, side covers/etc, etc to M.A. Members (& put the $ in my build.) Thanks again Fellas.

So, I've been sorting it out with the help of 1977.

Some Highlights


Bars: 1979/1980 Mongoose M1 (w/blacked out # plate)

Soviet Gas Mask W/ 55w White Fog Light Eyes

1977 EL Deluxo Front End w/ Disc Brake

Tomos Senior Pro Trip Trees

VDO 60mph Speedo

NOS Pinto Tank (Ebay, $40 Shipped & Yes it's NOS!)

NOS Ribbed Locking Gas Cap

Pedals: Mongoose Metal Platforms

ZA w/ 70cc KStar w/17mm now (Polini, Hi Comp Head, Mal. 4 pedal, 19mm Race Ed, to come.)

Motomatic Pipe

GP1's 2 1/2

(my cool $5 stickers from Austrailia are a Death's Head Speedo, 40 80 120)

Still to come


chop the front n rear fenders

adjustable rear shocks

Robot Swingarm (in the mail)

Rebuilt rear rim w/ 3" GP1


Thanks to everyone that helpped.

Thanks for the Positive Feedback

Re: Magnum build

I have never seen a pinto tank used like that before. Where did you get your front end?

Re: Magnum build


Re: Magnum build

Re: Magnum build

Looks pretty slick. Did you have that za rebuilt? If not, I'd definitely do that before throwing that kit/carb/pipe combo on there! You going to the guns rally with it?

Re: Magnum build

Won't make the Rally.

The current motor bolted up I picked up from another M.A. Member (it came off of his daily/has a few thousand miles on it.)

I have the other ZA sittin here, most likely going to 1977 w/the Polini, etc to be built n dialed in & mailed back.

Thanks for the kind words.

Re: Magnum build

that gas mask rocks.

Re: Magnum build

why not just build a pinto? why waste a mag frame just to put a tank under the crossbar? and hows the whole filling up deal going? do you have to take the tank off just to get to the cap? and that gas mask looks like darth vader all spazzed out....

Re: Magnum build

I didn't want a Pinto.

Why weld a bar on any step threw ?

Pleanty of room to fill up Thanks

Re: Magnum build

I knew it was gonna be a tough crowd

(especailly being that I did my own thing instead of running

the dented up Mag tank and some Clubmans....)

but Damn.....

Re: Magnum build

You call 1 negative out of 8 a tough crowd? Geez.

Re: Magnum build

lol, I bumped it from page 4......with 8 comments (on a Magnum Build) GEEEZ is Right ;)

Re: Magnum build

Definitely something different.

I think it would look even cooler without the rear fender. Maybe just a little black plastic triangle to stop shit from splashing on your back.

Re: Magnum build

have fun on that bike man, that is rad. i hope its fast and loud.

Re: Magnum build

2 negative comments now, but I will spare you the details.

Poor moped

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