17mm bing parts

i got this 17mm bing carb off an old magnum, wanted to throw it on another bike i'm putting together. the needle looks really bad but its longer than a regular bing needle. just wondering if anyone knows what parts are interchangeable or specific to the 17mm carb. tanks mon.

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i don't think anything on the top of the carb is interchangeable with the smaller bings. i was just messing with one recently and sizing it up with my 14 and the spring, needle and slide are all bigger. what does your intake look like? i think mine is a home made job, it holds the carb up at an angle. good luck!

Re: 17mm bing parts

i've got the curvy intake that i think came on the magum x

Re: 17mm bing parts

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

All the bottom parts (float, jets, etc) are the same, but the top parts (slide, needle, choke) are bigger than regular bing stuff.

Re: 17mm bing parts

Hey Kevin...Check with Rich (ragstrecher). There's a good chance he has what you need.

Re: 17mm bing parts

Hey Greer, I am pretty sure I have te same intake as you. It kind of has an S bend to it and it sits on a slant if you mount it on a puch cylinder, right?

If so, I think thats a magnum X intake. I am trying to figure out a way to mount it on a puch cylinder without that lean to it. I am thinking like a wedge shaped riser of some kind.

If anyone knows of a better way to do it, let me know.

But yeah, as far as getting a new needle, I would either try and find one similar or see if maybe treats or 77 could get one. They both have a pretty good selection of bing bits.

Re: 17mm bing parts

thanks buk i will do that, i really just need the needle and i'l be set

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