SF Who Got my $200 Hobbit?

I made arrangements to buy it and pick it up this morning. looked at it last week, had cash and everything, and the dude said he wouldn't be available until today. I called and .... nothing ... also, I noticed that the bike is now gone. so, who got it? who snatched it out from under me??!! fess up!

Re: SF Who Got my $200 Hobbit?

Probably someone who had cash in hand.

Re: SF Who Got my $200 Hobbit?

you can't lose what you never had.

some CL folks are douchey, for sure, but if you ain't got the bread, someone else'll snag it. times are tough, and people are more cut-throat than ever.

Re: SF Who Got my $200 Hobbit?

...that being said, fuck that guy if he told you he'd sell it to you. that just ain't cool, man.

Re: SF Who Got my $200 Hobbit?


Damn, I was really hoping you'd get it.

What you up to Rob? Anyone doing anything?

Re: SF Who Got my $200 Hobbit?

ha! I was a little "out of it" when I posted this.

I didn't mention that I had the cash. the person was not in town. told me to check out the bike myself (it was tied up outside) and if I was still interested to get back. we made arrangements for me to buy it Friday morning when he was back in town and ... nothing, nada, zip.

eh, it is typical CL flakiness. kinda like trying to get a date off the internet. you can't depend on it and usually it is a whole lotta work for that one rare "real" ... you get the idea.

Tim, got the Pinto finally fixed and also Kyle's kit is now on his Puch! super sweetness!! let me know if you wanna grab a beer on sunday or whatever.

HA! HA!..

fallout Survivor /

It was never yours to begin with.

Re: HA! HA!..

Thats yr spin on Craigslist? ...bad biz.

Re: HA! HA!..

When I sell things on craigslist or elsewhere, I have no problem trying to make arrangements or waiting a couple days for someone to pick something up, but any time I make ANY arrangements with someone, I ALWAYS get blown off, no matter how sincere someone sounds. If you say you'll come back with cash, and you do come back cash, awesome, but if someone shows up in the mean time and wants to actually buy it, I'm gonna give it to them. You can't blame the seller, you just have to blame all the deadbeat buyers who screw around too much.

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