winter mopeding

Jon Dalton /

who mopeds in the winter and how many times do you crash? i talked to a guy today who said he used to have a honda moped and he rode through everything, snow, slush and all, and never crashed. also got it up to 60 km/h i'd like to do that to mine.

Re: winter mopeding

All winter long, not one crash. Lots of sliding though.


Re: winter mopeding

Reeperette /

I love throwin snow...I've had only one dump in snow and ice and that back in 1987, with no damage to rider or moped, on a Puch Austro.


Re: winter mopeding

I rode from mid-January on, as often as my moped was running, but I stuck to days that were clear and reasonably dry. I was caught in a snowstorm once, and I hated it. I couldn't see. But you bike might need idle adjusting between the seasons.

Re: winter mopeding

i rode in a blizzard and crashed twice. no damage to me or my ped. it was deep and nasty snow, so it was great to be out there.

but ... winter riding has its consequences ... the salt and ice really wrecks things. it destroyed my compression ... from which my bianch still hasn't recovered ... oy!

but riding in beyond sub-zero weather, all bundled up, when no one dares to get in their cars even ... that's so awesome! i would go to the university to teach and ride up to my classes looking like an eskimo. it was great.

Re: winter mopeding

To be fair the reason I don

Re: winter mopeding

onfire4Him /

I'm riding all through this winter... I need to get to work and all I own vehicle-wise is my moped. Even if I didn't have work I'd still ride it, though. I love the moped and I love how everyone thinks I'm insane. I just don't like how it takes me something like ten minutes to get all suited up to go. Oh well. I do need some better protection for my face... a full face helmet would be nice.

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