Battery in Tomos?

Has anyone successfully installed a battery in a Tomos? The only reason I desire one is to make the lights more visible in the daytime...especially on left turns. Plus, I'm thinking of installing a sound system of some sort, but all audio things seem to go all to hell near my ped. I tried a walkman with the little "hidden" earphones, but they fall out way too easy. I figger I'll rig a cheap cassette player under the gas tank and some small speakers. That otta get some looks, eh?

But I know I'd need the battery to keep everything smooth between wide open throttle and idling. Plus, it'd probly cut down on the static...

Maybe I'm gettin carried away, but I love my ped and I love music and I have 3 credit cards....

If anybody is knowledgeable in this area, please let me know.



Re: Battery in Tomos?

Hey Lane, click on "search" and type in "stereo", you'll find a lot of info from people who have done this. Good Luck...

Re: Battery in Tomos?

Reeperette /

I've never rigged a 12V battery into a Tomos but it's probably as easy said as done, at least fer me it would be, double so if small enough to mount under the seat near the oil tank.

The non-ignition electrical system on the "Frankenbike" died off, and in order to get to work at night, for the 11pm-7am shift, I would charge up and use an RC-car 9.6v Battery to power them for the ride into work, and it did a fair enough job.

I think I might have wiring diagrams fer Tomos, should you need them.

As fer the stereo, here was my solution...and mind, don't bother with CD-players, you will get skip no matter how good they are.

First I took out the plug and found a resistor plug in the same heat range to reduce RF-signal interferance, which really hoses radio reception and audio output.

Then I found a medium-sized Yorx boombox, with TOP-loading cassette, that reduces bounce-wear and suchlike on the tape-carry mechanism, because the stress isn't across the critical parts, but distributed more evenly.

Then went out and bought a multi-size bungeecord kit and went to town tying it down to the cargo rack just behind the seat.

On summer days I just let it fly from the speakers, folks with $500 cars and $5000 stereos can get away with it, hell, so can we....but I also had a set of decent headphones taken apart and mounted inside of one my helmets, which worked out can try plastic-wrapping in the rain, I'd guess - but mine was a summer-use toy, and I never got to mess with it in adverse weather.


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