Hobbit runs! = me so happy

Re: Hobbit runs! = me so happy

Too excited to post right. I took it out of the basement and fired it up tonight in the back alley. It runs, it sounds awesome, and it feels like it's gonna rip once I get the jetting right.


Honda Hobbit PA-50 I

PA-50 II motor/variator

Proma Circuit pipe

Dellorto SHA 14.12

Cheapo custom intake made of copper pipe, PVC, and J-B Weld

Next up:

Headlight from Advance Auto

Long seat

Low-rise bars

Bigger carb?


Re: Hobbit runs! = me so happy

interesting intake/carb set-up. i have heard that the stock carb set-up with the right jets is sufficient for most applications, but i don't know. you think the dell is a better set-up?

Re: Hobbit runs! = me so happy

Maybe not better now, but it should be when I get a 16.16. Plus I'm pretty familiar with the SHA. Also, the intake puts the carb somewhere easily accessible for tuning.

Re: Hobbit runs! = me so happy

eeek that intake!

Re: Hobbit runs! = me so happy

Your going in the right direction, but I think you should stick with the stock carb for the time being. Obviously its your choice, but thats what I think most dudes here would do.

Also, the PA 50 I wife the red and cream is probably my favorite hobbit looks wise except for the all but impossible to find 83 black model. Good choice taking that one and swapping the motor.

Re: Hobbit runs! = me so happy

+ me so horny

Re: Hobbit runs! = me so happy

Ha, we'll see what happens, I wanted to do something different. The stock intake has been sacrificed to the Italian carb gods, so there's no turning back! I do have a 10mm intake as a backup that I could modify to the larger spec, but I don't want to do that.

Today, this beast will get lights. Tonight THE STREETS ARE MINE. Or something like that.

Re: Hobbit runs! = me so happy

Status update: This thing has been running pretty much trouble-free for a few days. Initially I broke the intake that I made, so I incorporated a rubber mount in the lower part to absorb shocks and vibrations. I took off the airbox, kept the screen, and am using a #60 jet. The plug looks good, and the bike runs nice and clean with no four-stroking.

I discovered that the petcock was leaking everywhere, but I fixed it with a #9 faucet seal from Lowe's.

It feels great and pulls really hard in the midrange. Hopefully a 16mm SHA will help out in the top end. I'm calling this project a success.

Re: Hobbit runs! = me so happy

So how fast?


fallout Survivor /

Did you swap out the single reeds for a double set up (they say you can do it by grinding off a nub.

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