1982 Honda urban express

can anyone help me I have a1982 "Ohio" Honda urban express what can I do for it to go faster it does not go more than 27 mph I have not done nothing to it hope anyone can help me thank you

Re: 1982 Honda urban express

Proma circut hobbit pipe

Power reeds

Any one of like 5 different 70cc kits

Variator mods

Clutch mods , Or a dio race clutch

New belt

race carb

16 inch rear wheel

Porting and polishing

Sooooo much you can do to your bike ! Pick one wiki it .

Re: 1982 Honda urban express

You have an "Ohio" urban? Are you sure it's an Ohio? Look again I bet it says Iowa.

Re: 1982 Honda urban express

HA HA I thought that sounded or looked funny . Ohio . LOL

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