Idle screw?

Ok, so now that my ped is all cleaned, I need to adjust the idle. The repair manual I have says to adjust the speed to 800-1200rpm. Now i've never seen a moped with a tachometer, so how do I measure this? I've adjusted it by ear, but I think its a bit off.

Its a 1978 Puch Maxi Sport, with a bing carb.



Re: Idle screw?

adjusting idle is mostly a hearing thing. You pretty much want the idle as low as possible, without it wanting to stall out. just so long as the engine isnt reving so high the the clutch engages while its idling.

Re: Idle screw?

SteelToad /

I bought a car once from a garage who's top mechanic was totaly deaf. You could

bring a car in, he would go around touching the engine in different places, and lean

against the fenders in different spots. He would walk away, come back with the

right tools, and after a minute or so, the thing would start purring like a kitten.

A tach isn't always necessary, but I still dont see why they dont come standard.

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