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SteelToad /

Has anyone had a problem with their license plate coming off, either accidentally

or intentionally. I noticed Saturday that mine was no longer on the bike. It was only on with one bolt in the center of the plate, but fastened securely.

I was riding hard Friday, and vibrations could have shaken the bolt off, but that

seems just as unlikely as somebody swiping it ???

Re: License Plate

i have lost 3 plates due to them breaking, and/or coming loose and falling off

Re: License Plate

I had the same problem w/my ped. Basically the screw vibrates loose and then the licensce plate falls off. I solved the problem by using lock washers. These are available any hardware store for about 35 to 40 cents. In fact I use them on almost all of the nuts & bolts (particularly the ones that hold on my biturbo exhaust)

Re: License Plate

Reeperette /

Yeah, you could also re-thread with reverse thread so it rattles tighter instead of looser, but you'd play hell gettin it off iff you ever had to.


Re: License Plate

Chris Robertson /

I had one of mine stolen. It was a huge pain in the ass getting it replaced because I couldn't get a new one without a police report (and of course re-issuing fees). I had to do a lot of running around so some kid could get an extra ten points on a scavenger hunt or a decoration for his wall (or whatever somebody would need a moped plate for).

I usually just use cable ties to hold my plates on now --if somebody wants to steal my plate at least they won't bend the shit out of the bracket trying to pry it off. Cable ties don't rattle loose either.

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