A felony to ride?

I found this on American Motorcyclist Association website and thought everyone should be aware. We must all keep up the fight or lose what we have left.

It doesn't apply directly to all of us in all cases..... but.... I believe it is another case of the government trying to do the bidding of insurance companies... or at the very least trying to control every aspect of our lives.

Again... Only vote specifically for politicians who promise to get the government out of our lives.

Or let your current representatives know that this is EXACTLY what you DON'T want!!

Any moped riders who would like to join an organization who has a government lobby to fight this stuff... Visit the AMA website.



Compiled by Bill Kresnak


Banned: Kids on Motorcycles

Connecticut official wants

to stop youths from riding

What do you call it when you see a 15-year-old kid honing his skills on a motocross track?

Commitment? Dedication? Determination?

In Connecticut, it

Re: A felony to ride?

holy crap!!!!! that is such bullshit. good thing im not in con. i just got an 80cc yamaha and i plan to race it on a track.i cant beleive those capitalist pigs are doing that! if i lived in con. i would write to my congress man.


Re: A felony to ride?

WifeBeater /

yeah, I will run you over in my Crown Vic

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