1980 Puch Newport

Dave the Dude /

I bought an old 1980 Puch Newport a couple of weeks ago and have a couple of questions.

1.) The guy I bought it from said that the pre-mix ratio is supposed to be 50:1. Is this correct. Since owners' and shop manuals are as scare as Gutenberg Bibles, I can only take his word unless someone with more authority comes up with an answer.

2.) Is there any indentifier for the Newport besides "Newport"? Is there another model that is similar enough to the Newport to use as a source of information?

3.) Is the bi-turbo exhaust worth the cost? Is it the same as an expansion chamber that used to be used on two-stroke motorcycles. Does the carb have to be re-adjusted? Is it louder than the stock set-up?

4.) If anyone wants to clean their exhaust baffles, the following may be useful. It's the method suggested by CZ for their old 175 street motorcycle back in the seventies: Disassemble the baffles from the pipe. Place baffles on a surface that doesn't burn, i.e. sand pit or firepit. Pour gas over the baffles. Light gas and let burn. Scrub baffles with wire brush to remove soot. I don't think you'd want to do this in town or near an EPA office.

5.) Why doesn't anyone carry tire patches and a pump with their tools? It works for bicycles.


D the D

Re: 1980 Puch Newport

stonnerdog /


1) i mix oil for my 77 puch new port more than 50:1 cos of the fact that in the summer here in the part of tx i at it stay at 110+ temp most of the yr.

2) the puch maxi ther basically the same, sopossedly rom what i ahve read the only differnce form the newprts and the maxis are that the newports saposably have a turbo engion and the maxis dont but form looking at engin diragrams of bouth i cant really tell any real differnce

3) i have no clue about the biturbo but hope to get one here soon.

hope this helps


swarm and distroy

Re: 1980 Puch Newport

Brandon E /

The Newport is almost completely the same as a 2 hp Maxi. The only difference is pinstriping, and the tank decal as far as I can tell. If you need to get parts for it, parts off of a maxi work. And, from what i understand, the only difference between the 2 hp maxi/newport and the 1.5 hp maxi is that the 2 hp has one head gasket and the 1.5 has two head gaskets stacked on each other.

I have a 77 Newport and I put a biturbo on it. It is an expansion pipe with a silencer, but it is louder than stock exhaust. Nothing too obnoxious, though. I didn't need to adjust the carb in any way.

I only rode mine up the driveway a few times with the stock exhaust, so I couldn't tell you of any performance changes. All I know is it has plenty of power (if you hit an incline at over 20mph, it will accelerate to 28 mph. Easily breaks 30 on flat pavement). If you've got the money burning a hole in your pocket (paid $100 for mine new at mopedjunkyard.com), go buy one.

Re: 1980 Puch Newport

Reeperette /

>>5.) Why doesn't anyone carry tire patches and a pump with their tools? It works for bicycles.<<

I do, I know Dave M does...lot of us do, in fact...but mine hasn't been of that much use cause if I get a flat in those super-PR tubes I use, the damage that takes is usually beyond the help of a patch kit.

FYI - Some company named "BELL" makes those super PR tubes, they are supposedly bicycle tubes and the 16" one's fit all common 16" sizes from 1" to 2.25"...I do not know if they have a 17" (handy for some of you Puch Owners) but it's worth checking into.


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