what a day!

Man, was this day incredible or what? I put 50 miles on my bike just puttin around. I even went out to get dinner at 9 tonight and was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. The Tomos is kickin ass, hittin about 40 on level ground, a little slow on take off though. Maybe i'll go for the 25 tooth sprocket. The engine seems to run better at about 3/4 or a little more throttle anyways, so maybe the lower gear will balance everything out good. I actually passed a car today...heehee.

I was amused at how many "real" bikes came out of hibernation today...wusses! I been riding in 20 degree weather and I know most of you have done lots worse. I guess Harley's weren't designed to run too good in cold weather. Lame excuse....

Anyways, thanks for the help from those who have helped, and keep riding til it hurts. Which reminds me, i think i'll look into a seat upgrade....

Peace and love and all that jazz,


Re: what a day!

I recommend a nice long seat. They rock I have them on all my ped

Re: what a day!

Jon Dalton /

anything beats riding my honda with no seat. Dave, where do you get those seats?

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