problems with motor

philip adams /

hello i need help i have a 1985 honda spree. my problem is that when i get my engine started it idles fine and is able to go then when you stop you bounce it then it revs up and goes but if you stop it will idle then after 2 or 3 seconds it wont go when you press the gas it bogs down.if you have any ideas please tell me my problem.

Re: problems with motor

I have a Spree also. I rebuilt the engine, and learned alot about it in the process.

Sounds to me like you may have a plugged exhaust (plugged with carbon). If thats not the problem there are a couple of trouble shooting articles you will find on the Moped Army discussion forum. If you follow the steps, you will likely find the solution to your problem.

Good Luck, Dave

Re: problems with motor

Chris Robertson /

If you have to physically bounce the bike to keep it from stalling, it sounds like the needle valve in the carburetor is sticking.

You should take the carb out and clean it thoroughly.


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