25 tooth sprocket

Hey guys / gals, in my never ending pursuit of the perfect balance of torque and top speed, I was considering trying a 25 tooth sprocket to see how that fits into the equation. I have the stock 26 tooth, and although i love hittin 44 mph on long downhill runs, there are too many hills to go UP around here. I was wondering if I could rent / borrow a used 25 tooth sprocket offa someone that had a spare...I's purchase said sprocket if it made me happy...heehee. I priced new ones at 25 bucks and that seemed a bit much for me to do just to try something out. If ya's can help me out, let me know, k?

Swarmin and destroyin in NC,


PS. Doug's a good fella

Re: 25 tooth sprocket

yeah i have a 26 on my bike and my friend has a 25 tooth he beats me by 20 feet in accel but when mine revs out i can pass him if oits a big hill. get the sprocket!

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