86 Spree Giving Me Headaches!

Hey all, I have a 1986 spree with about 3500 miles on it. It has been sitting for a number of years before I got it but I have no idea of the previous owners habbits. The problem is is that (1) it is difficult to start, (2) once it is started it runs for a few minutes than sputters and dies like it is out of fuel, (3) for the limited amout of time that it does run, it seems to pull fine.

Here is what have done up till now; rebuilt the carb and installed a new electric choke (or enrichment device), removed and cleaned the gas tank and added a small filter, ensured that the vacuum valve works, checked oil injection pump (ok), and filled it with fresh oil and gas. I have also tried every possible adjustment known to man on the idle and mixture screws with no luck.

I am thinking that the engine has low compression. My first question is how do you check compression (ie what is a good/bad reading), what is the initial setting for the carb to get it going, and what else may it be it the compression is good?

I have owned many Honda mopeds/scooters in the past and all of them were one kick starters, even after months of sitting around. In fact, I am getting ready to sell an 81 Express in baby blue. It has been sitting for at least 2 years and after filling it with fresh gas and installing a new plug, it started after one kick. I would love to get my Spree to start that easily!

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from many of you soon.

Keep on riding!

Re: 86 Spree Giving Me Headaches!

I have an 85 Spree. Air screw should be 1 7/8 turns out. Plug is NGK BPR6HSA set at .024 - .028.

Re: 86 Spree Giving Me Headaches!

I have an 85. Rebuilt the engine, runs great now............ The screws on the carb I found are for idling only. They don't affect the top end speed. I have found that the air cleaner box has to be just right, ie. not too much oil on the filter, securely closed (the lid), or the engine gets too much air, and engine tends to die out. Also check for plugged with carbon, muffler (a common problem). This tends to inhibit top speed.

Follow Ron's procedure for troubleshooting a two stroke engine, found in the Moped Army website forum. Highly informative. Give it a try.

Good Luck, Dave

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